Internet Service Provider business opportunity is a type of enterprise needed by modern society. The internet is currently one of the technologies that significantly influences human life. The advancement of internet technology impacts businesses, education, politics, and many other aspects.


Internet Corporate/Dedicated
Accessible for both companies and government offices needing stable internet with a 1:1 download/upload ratio and 99% SLA (Service Level Agreement). Dedicated internet offers customizable pricing according to needs and includes a Public IP.

Internet Reseller 
To promote internet equality across Indonesia, Gold-Net provides opportunities for young people to learn and develop their potential in managing and selling independent village internet. This allows the economic potential of villages to be managed independently by the residents. Gold-Net offers full support in network knowledge, network techniques, installation techniques, service techniques, maintenance techniques, billing systems, and taxation.

Small Businesses/UMKM/Cottage Industries and Household (Home)
In this type, users tend to consider cost efficiency and prefer services with bandwidth sharing methods (up to).

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    Jl. Merdeka VI No.5 Lantai 1, Sumerta Kelod, Kec. Denpasar Timur., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80239

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PT. Global Lintas Solusi

PT. Global Lintas Solusi is a private company managed by experts who have high motivations and dedications to develop PT.Global Lintas Solusi and offer high quality of products and services to our customers. PT. Global Lintas Solusi is established and based in Denpasar - Bali that focuses on Information Technology Products and Services as Business Solution to clients.

Our Services
  • Network Infrastructure & LAN
  • Technology Equipment Procurement
  • Maintenance & Repair
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